Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Christian Contrails

I awoke to an early morning sky as blue as blue could be, without a cloud to be seen. Well, that is if you don't count Contrails as clouds. We have all have seen those white, straight, cloud like lines that crisscross the skies above. They are called Contrails. They are formed from the hot exhaust of passenger jets, which turns into water vapor at high altitude. Contrails definitely grab your attention. These cloud imposters are straight as an arrow, but have short lifespans compared to their natural cloud cousins. Within a few minutes they begin to spread apart, fade and are soon gone. That is the two simple facts about Contrails, they get noticed, and they don't last for long. The similarities between the Christian witness in this life, and a Contrail are just as clear. 
The Gospel of Matthew says it like this, "You are the lights of the world, like a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden..."Let your life so shine before men, that they will see your good works, and glorify God who is in heaven."  Matt. 5:14,16 
We need to shine for Jesus before this World. We need to do our best to live a life that catches people's attention, not attention to ourselves, but to the Savior of this world. We need to recognize, that like the fading Contrail, our time to shine for Christ is limited too.
Your task, point the Lost, straight to the Lord. The passenger airliners that make those vaporous paths across the sky, are headed somewhere, they have a destination. So do we! Our hope is if people keep watching us long enough, and our course stays straight and true, maybe the curious will book a flight along with us.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A world forever changed

I am sure for those few who have orbited the earth, the stars have forever changed in their sight. Those small twinkling points of light will never be the same. The planet they had tread upon just before their flight, now took on a glorious, new wonder from their lofty perch. I suppose all things take on fresh meaning when seen from a bigger view. 
When I decided to give Jesus my heart back in 1975, It was like being launched into a different orbit. Instead of circling Planet Bill, my new mission put me in a trajectory around Planet Jesus. 
Everything changed!
 As a child in school, when I held a World globe for the first time, I was fascinated by all the weirdly shaped continents and the strange sounding countries. Now, as a believer, I instead see a world filled with people who need to know the Savior who loves them and died for their sins. 
Everything changed!
A few days ago the world experienced a lunar eclipse. Before I was born again, those heavenly wonders were seen by me as only just normal, regularly occurring astronomical events. Now, from my new perspective, that eclipse also stirred thoughts of prophectic signs concerning Jesus and His Return. 
Everything changed!
Before I became a christian, the celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter were just days to over eat, open presents, and enjoy guilt free chocolate. But now, from my new, expanded view around Planet Jesus, my heart is consumed with thoughts of His Provision, His Humility, His Love and   Sacrifice. 
Everything changed!!
Some NASA space missions send probes into orbit, and after a few orbits they return to earth. Other spacecraft are sent into the firmament to orbit strange, new worlds, never to return to the world they left behind. That is my desire as welI. I choose to stay in His orbit, forever. I was launched into the gravity pull of His embrace those many years ago...And Everything Changed!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Narrow Flight Path

Whether it is a space capsule reentering the atmoshere or an aircraft coming in for a landing, both of these have a very narrow, prescribed flight path. Once you miss those approach windows, it is not safe to land. The pilots are then forced to wait for another opportunity to come around for another try.
In the Gospel of John, it is written, "We must work while it is day, for the night is coming when no one can work." Jn. 9:4
The message of that verse is clear. We only have a limited amount of time and opportunities to complete our work for the Lord.
During my trip here in the Arizona desert, I am experiencing that verse in John in a sort of backward way. In the early morning we have pleasant cool weather. By late morning the temperatures have already soared up to 105 degrees or more. (talk about baking hot)  It does not cool back down to tolerable conditions until well after sunset. Because of those limited perimeters, you have to plan your days accordingly. Interacting with people, friends, and family takes a well thought out strategy. 
Is it any different with our service for God? 
Time is short. Opportunities to connect with people, and share the love of Jesus Christ is not at our convenience. Like the weather here in Arizona, some times are more productive to be out working in God's harvest field than others.
The SUN in Arizona is the boss, and it sets the schedule for work. For the the christian, the SON guides our schedule. And the boss says, "Now!, is the time to work."

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Holy Spirit, our Universal translator

One of the more common high tech gadgets often found in Sci-Fi television programs, (think Star Trek), is a fictional device called, the Universal Translator. This machine enabled space explorers visiting strange new planets, to be able to understand and communicate with the native alien races.
 Wouldn't it be awesome if such a item existed. We could travel to any country, and casually, intelligently, carry on a conversation with anyone we met, no matter what the language. To bad it is just a science fiction fantasy. Or is it? Who needs a make believe invention, when there is a real Universal Translator in action, The Holy Spirit.
This morning, it was a blessing to go to church with my son, my daughter in law, and the grand kids. I always enjoy visiting other churches when on vacation, especially when I can show off the grand children. (proud Grandpa here), But there is something I never fail to notice when worshipping with other believers and fellowshipping in their churches. Yes, our church buildings are different. The Church decor is widely varied. Song selections and worship styles differ. The ethnic mix and financial demographics are not exactly the same, and preaching styles run the gambit, from Pentecostal shouting, to quiet intellectual persuasion. Yet, there is a common language of the Spirit being spoken. I don't mean because we all share the Bible as our common book. Nor do I mean because we are using the same 'christianese' words in our vocabulary (praise the Lord, hallelujah, glory to God, Amen).
What I am trying to explain is this unique phenomenon that brings us together as the family of God. Though we are from different states, countries, cultures, and born again experiences, the Holy Spirit seems to bind our hearts together. Without speaking each others languages we click, we bond, we understand each other. The Holy Spirit is there in every service, every land to be the Church's, Universal Translator. 1Cor. 12:13 " We are by one Spirit are made together into one Body"
Even in Arizona, this Pittsburgh kid felt at home.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lost in plain sight

How do you learn to hear the voice of God? How do learn to recognize the Presense of God's Spirit in our day to day lives? I think one way to be assured God is speaking, is by getting to know His voice through His Word. Let me explain. 
God's character is displayed and described in His dealings with men and women throughout Scripture. We are shown His attributes: His Love, Patience, Holiness, Power, etc. The more we read and study the Word, the easier it becomes to recognize Him in this confusing World. A picture of The Lord and how He works begins to develop more clearly in our minds.
Another way is to become familar with Him, is by prayer and quiet time. When we spent regular alone time in the quiet place of prayer, His divine interventions more clearly stand out in the everyday.  
Maybe this story will help illustrate my point.
This week we are out in Phoenix, Arizona visiting family. Mary, myself, and another friend from Pittsburgh borrowed my son's car to do some shopping. Thank God for GPS to help navigate around in this strange city. We park in the outdoor Mall lot and head into the stores. After a successful shopping excursion we quickly race back to find our vehicle to escape the 105 degree heat. You can probably guess what happpens next, we can't find the car. 
I was sure I parked it in the row where we stood, but I can't see it there. "What did it look like again?", I asked? Our friend replied,  "I'm sure it was a black car with gray interior.", but none looking anything like that is anywhere to be seen. "No!" I say. "It was silver, not black, I'm sure.", I confidently state.  As we stand scanning a sea of muli-colored steel, melting in the heat, I began to panic inside, "maybe it was stolen" I say to myself. How does the, 'Mystery Of the Missing Car' end? Where is it? Where did it disappear to?
Crazy as this may sound, we were standing right next to it. I mean, we were literally RIGHT next to it! There it sat, the lost Blue car with Beige interior. How is that possible? 
First, It was not my car. I had no personal history of purchasing it. Second, I had only driven this vehicle for the first time an hour before. My memory of it's color, make, or model had not been reinforced from numerous driving experiences. 
That is how it is with our peronal walk with the Lord. The more time you spend with Him, in prayer, in His Word, and in quiet meditation, the easier you recognize Him in the jumble of life's events. You establish a intimate relationship, reinforced over time. You build a history of experiences with Jesus Christ. "I am the Good Shepherd,.. My sheep listen to My Voice and they follow Me." Jn. 10:14,27

Friday, September 25, 2015

We are the Jetsons

Growing up as a child in the 1960's, one of the most popular saturday morning T.V. shows was a cartoon called ,The Jetsons. It was the comical adventures of George Jetson and his family. I can still remember the words and melody to the opening song, ( matter of fact I'm hearing it as I type..."his boy Elroy..daughter Judy..Jane his wife" ) The Jetsons lived in the future. They lived surrounded by flying cars, talking computers, video phones, giant screen t.v., servant robots, floating cities, casual vacations on the moon. To the kids of my generation we sat amazed and entertained from start to finish. We could not wait for some of those fantastic futuristic gadgets to become a reality.  Well guess what folks!, the future is now.
At this very moment I am sitting comfortably in an airliner at thirty thousand feet, floating along in the clouds. Here I relax, typing to you on my futuristic Ipad computer, sipping my ice cold soft drink. My West Coast destination that once took the early pioneers an entire year by wagon train to reach, I speedily will arrive to in a little over four hours. And if I need directions when I arrive, I'll just ask my talking robot servant, Siri, for assistance. Wow! I am George Jetson. And so are you.
The future has arrived. The future really is now. My wife asked me if I had brought along a book for the flight. My response was, "No. I have an entire Library of reading material on my electronic tablet.
Think about it, a library at our fingertips, (one of my apps has 20+ different versions of the Bible and commentaries). We have programs that we can have dozens of lanuages translated instantly for us. We can through Skype or Facetime, carry on face to face conversations to any point on the planet, in real time. They may not have invented the flying car yet, but I'm flying at five hundred miles an hour  right now.
So what is my point.
My point is this. What are we doing for the Lord with all these amazing breakthroughs? Are we reading and studying his Word more? Do we look for new and creative ways to use this technology to reach out to a lost world more effectively. If we can reach the ends of the earth quicker, and in some mediums instantly, are we open to the stirring of a misson call from God?
I can't help but think of this verse of Scripture, ' to him who has been given much, much is required. '

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Still Transmitting

If you have not already heard, the Glory Seven mission was a resounding success. To date, over Seven Thousand dollars has been raised for our Youth ministry, and donations continue to come in. Along with the monetary blessings, many news outlets covered the story and brought renewed interest in God's work through our Christian School and our other church ministries. Another important goal during my week long journey inside the Glory Seven capsule was to spend distraction free time with the Lord. My hope was, as God spoke to my heart, I could in turn share those special insights with others. God DID speak, and He daily continues to whisper new, and special revelations of His goodness.
This year the NASA New Horizons space probe finally reached its destination, a fly-by of the most distant planet in our solar system, Pluto. Pluto lays almost 3 billion mile away from earth. Radio transmissions carrying data and photos takes over 4 hours to reach us. NASA scientists say it will take years to receive and study all the amazing images and  information that is being slowly beamed to them. 
I feel the same way about the Glory Seven mission. I accomplished my initial goal of living in it's space for an entire week. God did some amazing things during that time. Yet, just like the New Horizons probe He is still transmitting new revelations to us. That is why I am going to continue to blog, God willing everyday. Our Lord has not exhausted what He wants to reveal to us.
'Great is Thy faithfulness, His loving kindness continues afresh each day." Lam. 3:23

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Go where the harvest grows

On my drive to the office this morning a saw a familiar sight to those people who live in Pennsylvania, on the edge of the busy highway stood a groundhog. For you who do not know what a groundhog looks like, picture a fat beaver without its tail. Well there he was, just a foot or two from becoming road kill, cars racing past, while he just stood there, oblivious to the danger. I slowed down to take a closer look and saw why he was so focused and unafraid. He was eating, just contently munching away on the greenery that was growing on the road side. My first thought was, " Mr. Groundhog, you are one silly animal. Why would you pick such a dangerous place to look for food." The reason for that thought was this. The entire side of the road, not just the highway edge, was covered with vegetation. Why I mused, "Why doesn't he just he stay in the safe confines of the lush interior?" "There is a banquet of food away from the highway. Go eat in there!"
As I drove away I believe the answer to Mr. Groundhog's peculiar dining location came to me. All the good plants to eat in the middle of the field had probably been consumed. The remaining untouched edible plants were on the dangerous edges of the road. Simple, you go where the harvest is, dangerous or not.
Jesus gave His disciples, (that means us too) this command, "Pray to the Lord of the harvest for more laborers to go into the field." Matt. 9:38
Sometimes that means going into dangerous situations, neighborhoods, and countries. Some places in this world have many workers, maybe even too many harvesters. Yet, there still remains those places, countries, peoples, tongues and nations that need a fearless groundhog to go harvest the ripe fruit. "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few."

Monday, September 21, 2015

Persistence of Presence

After a storm there always comes the calm. I exited the Glory Seven capsule yesterday, and preached outside in perfect, pleasant, sunny weather. The sun's warmth was only surpassed by the warm greetings and shining faces of God's people at the outdoor service. It was nice to be released from the confines of my small, cone shaped prayer closet, but oddly the persistence of the capsule's seven day presence lived on. Several times throughout the day, especially when I would close my eyes, I could still feel the presence of the Glory Seven's angled walls. At times the burned in image of it's painted panels would still appear in my optic nerve. I should not be surprised. It only makes sense that a powerful, prolonged experience would not quickly fade. 
Moses had such an experience. Forty days alone with God up on a mountain top is bound to have a profound, prolonged effect. The Scriptures say, "his face shone brightly when he came down from the presence of the Lord." Even the Bible shows this effect, which I call the 'Persistence of Presence'. Sadly the Scriptures also say, "Moses face began to fade." 
The truth is this, for the presence to persist, we must persist to stay in the presence. I loved my seven day mission, alone in the mock spaceship, just me and God. I felt his Presence. I felt his love. I loved hearing His still, quiet, tender voice. I WAS IN HIS PRESENCE. 
But now I am back to the real world, and back in my normal routine. The paneled walls of Glory Seven are fading from my eyes. It's shining form is felt less by my senses today. Normal life is pushing my short lived dwelling place out of my memory. Soon it's presence will be gone.
Can that happen with us and God. Of course it can. Unless we daily seek to to persist in his Presence.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bumpy Re-entry

Real Astronauts as opposed to (Pastornauts), have described the Launch and Re-Entry of their spacecraft as being the two most bone jawing parts of the whole mission. True to form, my last night inside the Glory Seven was eventful as well. All week long I have experienced sunny, dry, beautiful weather, until around 8 o'clock last night. Heavy rain and wind blew through my flight path and shook my tiny craft, like I had entered some kind of cosmic storm. I lost power again, this time for the entire night. If there was a way for water to enter my seemingly airtight cabin, it found its way. My supply of trusty fix all Duct tape then ran out at the most inopportune time. I was able to protect my crucial electronic equipment (Ipad and Cell Phone), but not my blankets, sheets,or pillow, they got quite wet. On top of all that, the lightning and thunder was close to my location and threatening to strike at any moment.  Should I abort the mission, run into the warmth and safety of the church building until the storm passed. What is this lonely Pastornaut to do?
When the disciples of Jesus Christ pushed off from the shore, to head to the opposide side of the Sea of Galilee their mission was clear, to disembark on the other side. My mission is just as clear, finish the entire week, not just six days inside this capsule, but the WHOLE week. We know the Bible story, a great storm rocked their boat, the winds blew, the waves crashed, they got scared, BUT JESUS WAS IN THE BOAT.   So I stayed in the capsule, wet and cold, without power all night, believing Jesus was riding out the storm with me. And here it is the seventh day, the storm has passed, the sun is shining, I made it to the shore. Glory seven has Landed.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sorry, I don't speak Klingon.

In the Television series Star Trek, its fictional universe is populated with dozens of alien races, each with their own distinct languages and cultures. One of the more developed storylines on the show involved a race of beings called the Klingons. Their language was a strange, harsh sounding speech. It was interesting to hear, but sorry, "I don't understand Klingon." Klingons and Earthmen like me just don't speak the same language.
When I woke up this morning I was surprised by another close encounter of the alien kind. Standing just outside of my capsule's porthole was a six point whitetail deer and his mate. I tried to imagine what they must be saying to one another about me and my spaceship, maybe it was something like this, "Hey look honey!, isn't that the strangest looking pine tree you have ever seen?" and her reply might have been, "Yes dear, but don't get too close. There is the ugliest looking animal in that tree."
I don't think it would had helped if I had yelled out, "Good Morning guys. Nice day isn't it. My name is Bill and this is my fundraising capsule, Glory Seven. Our church built it to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ."  Truth is, the deer don't understand English and I don't comprehend Deerese. 
Two days ago a group of inquisitive neighborhood teens came down to look at the strange object that had landed on the church grounds. They were surprised when they peeked in the window and saw me smiling back. I opened the hatch and began to explain why I was willing to spend seven day alone in such an odd contraption. You would have thought I was speaking Klingon to them. They just could not comprehend why Jesus was so important to me, nor did they understand why I felt it was so urgent for people, and teens in particular to know Him? Their faces had that same blank expression like the visiting deer who came to take a look at me this morning. Clueless and Disinterested are the two sad words that come to mind.
So we have our work cut for us. My job, your job, is to help the World learn a new language, the language of the Good News of God's love, shown to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.
The Apostle Paul said this, "How can they call on Him they have not heard about...and how can they hear unless someone teaches them." Ro. 10:14

Friday, September 18, 2015

Time to adjust orbit

Everyday this week it has been the same consistent pattern. My day starts out with pleasantly mild temperatures, which slowly climb to extremely hot temps inside my capsule. Then as the Sun goes down, it begins to slowly chill to the point of uncomfortable, shivering cold. It's as if my sturdy starship was on a crazy highly elliptic flight path. At one moment I am heading closer and closer in toward the Sun, only to slingshot around and head out into the cold dark of distance space again.
The famous Halley's comet follows that exact same course every 76 years. It races in past the Sun and then heads back out to far beyond Pluto, only to circle around and repeat the cycle time and time again.
Sounds alot like how many church goers behave in their walk with the Lord. They circle in close to the SON during Good Friday, Easter, Christmas or whenever the mood strikes, only to distance themselves from the things of God until they circle back around for the next flyby of the next seasonal Church event. It must get cold out there without the daily warmth of His Presence.
The best orbit for the Glory Seven capsule is the one that keeps me on the proper course to fulfill my mission. The best course for us as christians, is the one that keeps us closer to the SON every day, all year long. 
May our lives forever orbit close around the Son.

Space Invaders!

That which all space explorers fear has finally come upon me. I have been invaded by ALIENS. In most Sci-Fi movies and books, intellent alien beings usually have an insect looking appearance. Well true to form my alien visitors also look like insects. "Hello Houston, this is Glory Seven, we have a problem up here. I have been invaded by ANTS!"
What started as a welcome visitor to this lonely spaceman by one solitary ant, as now turned into a full blown ant family reunion. That first ant went back to Ant Central and shared the news, "Hey guys that crazy man in the capsule is a messy eater, free food!" So all the Ants and Uncles and their relatives now live at my house.
God speaks in curious ways doesn't He. We are instructed in Proverbs 6:6 to, "Look to the ant...and become wise." This is the wisdom God spoke to me as my new roommates carted off my food.
Those other ants would not have come to the banquet unless the first ant had told them, "Hey guys!, follow me. I have something great to show you." Isn't that how the Gospel spread around the world, one person telling another of the Good News they had found, Jesus the Bread of Life. 
It remains the same today. We need to tell someone how to find the Bread.
And the wonderful truth above all, is this, The Ultimate Space Invader is Jesus Christ. He came into this world, into my space, your space, where He was not welcome, yet He showed us lost ants the way home.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What do the stars look like?

It was during a Skype chapel service to our elementary school children that I was asked by a kindergarten student, "What do the stars look like?" I'm sure for many of the kindergaten children they thought I really was broadcasting from orbit. How refreshing to not have to answer another, "Where do you go to the bathroom Pastor Bill?" question. So without missing a beat I explained to the student the great sizes and distances of those small twinkling lights in the sky. If she believed I was soaring across the heavens in my little spaceship who was I to disappoint her.
What do the stars look like? For you older ones who are reading this blog I have a different answer. This afternoon our church intercessory prayer group came out to surround my capsule and me with their prayers. With uplifted voices they shouted, "the Heavens declare the Glory of our God." As I joined these faithful prayer warrior in their declarations, God revealed something to me. In the Book of Revelation, the messengers and leaders of the Church are referred to as stars. Rev. 1:16 
What do the stars look like you may ask. Next time you are in church, look around, they are sitting right next to you.

Danger! Asteroids ahead

Well it was only a matter of time before I would encounter my first asteroid strike. When you travel in the hostile environment of deep space you are bound to run into a meteor or two. Last night around midnight my peaceful world inside of Glory Seven was shattered by a loud boom. A rock of unknown size and unknown origin hit the side of my craft. Danger!,Danger!, Will Galus (For you younger readers that is a homage to a 60's T.V. show, Lost in Space) 
How did this intrepid christian spaceman react? Did I react with cool, calm professionalism? Sadly no. My first response was a little fear, wondering if I was about to be bombarded with a shower of meteors.       The next emotion was even less heroic. I got angry. I thought to myself, "what rotten person would do such a meanspirited prank?", "Probably some disrespectful juvenile delinquent."  "Why would a person do something like that?", I thought to myself.  "I would never do something like that.", I proudly pondered.
Why do people do wrong things? Simple answer, because we are sinners. We are ALL sinners. In my moment of rightous indignation the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me of all the stones I had thrown, all the windows I had broken, all the senseless, selfish delinquent actions and headaches I had caused innocent people. 
Who threw that stone last night. Just someone like me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Small Moves

When you are confined in a small place like a simulated Mercury space capsule, small movements are the order of the day. Every move I make is slow, deliberate, and small. There are no sudden bursts of energy or wild random arm movements on this mission. I find myself consciously planning my steps, where before simple tasks were done without even thinking. In this confined space, to rush your actions is to just ask for a bruised head or your food spilled on the floor. Freeze dried food is bland enough without having to eat it off a dirty capsule floor. 
I believe our walk with Jesus would be more productive and meaningful if we moved slower and smaller. What do I mean by that. I Mean we are in such a rush to get where we are going, that we don't even think about why we are doing what we are doing. The steps along life's journey as a christian are just as important as the final destination. Slow down, think about what God is doing with you this moment, not just what He will be doing in your life a year from now. Let God speak and guide each day. Don't quickly, wildly run ahead of Him. Enjoy each day, each moment, each breath. You will avoid spilled beans that way.

Where's the Television?

Someone once said, "Kids say the darnest things." The First graders came out to the capsule to take a look from the hatch opening into the Glory Seven spacecraft. They asked the questions people, young and old have been asking me all week, "What do you eat, where do you sleep?" and of course the obvious one, "Where do you go to the bathroom?" I never tire of answering those inquiries and showing them my spartan facilities. It was one child's question that gave me a smile and a pause to think. She asked, "Where is the television Pastor Bill?" I chuckled and said, "I don't have a T.V. on this spacecraft. I don't have enough room. I can only bring the most important things."
To her young mind, and maybe many people, a television is an essential. It made me ask myself the question, "What are the things I consider essential in my life?"
If someone looked into the porthole of your life, what are the things they would see that you made room for? And maybe a bigger question is this, "What are the things you considered unimportant to leave behind?"  If a child could look into your soul, would she ask, "Where is God?"

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It take a village to raise a child

We are all probably familar with the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." The meaning is simple, It takes a team to accomplish complicated tasks, like the mission I am on right now. It must have taken literally thousands upon thousands of technicians,engineers,scientists,designers,builders,and workers of every type,etc.,etc. to get the Mercury astronauts off the ground and safely back. Not one person or astronaut did it all. So it is with my endeavor. It took a team of christians working together to bring the Glory Seven ministry event to reality.
 I'm sitting in this capsule today because of others hardwork,creativity,and support. I am reminded of what the writer of the Book of Hebrews said, 'Don't neglect assembling together as some people get in the habit of doing, but encourage one another, during these evil times." We need each other to accomplish our individual life's mission. The Church is called the Body of Christ for a reason. Where one person lacks, another member brings in their skill set and support. We go to Church to worship and hear the Word, but we go for more than that. We fellowship together because our mission takes more than we ourselves can do to launch and make it safely home.

Things that go bump in the night

First minor mishap of the mission. I rolled over last night and came to close to the edge of my tiny bed. If you can call it a bed. (it is only 5 1/2 by 2 1/2 feet) Well, I went crashing over and took the bed frame with me. I awoke from a sound sleep on top of my mini frig. With all that weight on one side of the cabin I was lucky my spacecraft did not tumble out of orbit. No harm done, found my light and got to work reorganizing. Took a while to put things back in order, but was soon back smooth sailing. (sleeping I mean). Getting things back in order is much easier if you have a sense of where everything belongs, even when you are taken by surprise and are weary. When life goes bump, it sure is comforting to know what to do to bring stability back. Go find the Light. Jesus the Light of the World. John 8:12

Monday, September 14, 2015

From Darkness to Light

How things change,From the dark and cold of midnight to the sunshine and heat of midday. Each day has its beauty and its challenges. With just a small fan to cool the capsule it heated up inside very quick. I enjoyed the quiet and solitude of the night. I am equally enjoying the sounds of children playing around the ship. One thing I have learned from these gray hairs on my head is this, look for something special in everyday. Those God moments are there if we will just look.


Spend a considerable amount of time yesterday rearranging my living space. Day went quicker than I thought it would. I placed my supplies and other furnishings in their best positions. I quickly learned what takes priority over something else. Sort of like life. We place too much importance on the things that do not matter and give too little priority to the areas we really need the most. When my power went out in the middle of the night it sure was nice knowing how to find the crucial things easily. I wonder if the same can be said of our life with God. In a life crisis would our lives be so prearranged to more easily weather the storm.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Darkside of the Moon

Sun has set. Temperature has really dropped. Not sure if I will use my heater tonight since it may blow a breaker and I would be without power all night. Will test it in morning when people are in the building to help. I will just use both my blankets. Dinner was freeze dried lasagna. Definitely not like momma used to make. I'm halfway through my Bible reading schedule for today,  will not go to sleep until finished. The peace of God and church's prayer support is strongly present.

To Infinity and Beyond

What a wonderful, encouraging day. People were excited and made me feel so very loved, even though they make think me a little crazy. So many showed their love by asking if I needed anything and being so concerned that I stay safe and healthy on my mission. Isn't it wonderful to belong to the Family of God. I shared in my sermon and in prayer at the end of the service, my need, all our needs, to get a renewed boost from a time with God. May God grant our prayers for a personal revival this week with our Savior. This truly is not just a mock space capsule, but a prayer closet, a war room with the Father.  
On a fun note. Houston We Have a Problem! Just cooked my first space meal and lost power to my craft. Had to call NASA (aka Pastor Armando) to come reset the power in building. It could be worse. I could really be hurtling toward Earth from space, then who would I call.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

T-Minus 1 and counting

Well, the capsule, Glory Seven is on the launch pad. All is set for the big day tomorrow. Many have asked me if I am ready, excited, or nervous. The truth is, how do you know if you are ready for something you have never done before. This I do know. I want to do this. I want to do whatever I can to serve the Lord and His Kingdom. I want to put financial resources into Pastor Ryan's hands to minister for Christ. The Youth of our nation need Jesus, and time is short to do it. So crazy or not, ready or not, here I go.