Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A world forever changed

I am sure for those few who have orbited the earth, the stars have forever changed in their sight. Those small twinkling points of light will never be the same. The planet they had tread upon just before their flight, now took on a glorious, new wonder from their lofty perch. I suppose all things take on fresh meaning when seen from a bigger view. 
When I decided to give Jesus my heart back in 1975, It was like being launched into a different orbit. Instead of circling Planet Bill, my new mission put me in a trajectory around Planet Jesus. 
Everything changed!
 As a child in school, when I held a World globe for the first time, I was fascinated by all the weirdly shaped continents and the strange sounding countries. Now, as a believer, I instead see a world filled with people who need to know the Savior who loves them and died for their sins. 
Everything changed!
A few days ago the world experienced a lunar eclipse. Before I was born again, those heavenly wonders were seen by me as only just normal, regularly occurring astronomical events. Now, from my new perspective, that eclipse also stirred thoughts of prophectic signs concerning Jesus and His Return. 
Everything changed!
Before I became a christian, the celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter were just days to over eat, open presents, and enjoy guilt free chocolate. But now, from my new, expanded view around Planet Jesus, my heart is consumed with thoughts of His Provision, His Humility, His Love and   Sacrifice. 
Everything changed!!
Some NASA space missions send probes into orbit, and after a few orbits they return to earth. Other spacecraft are sent into the firmament to orbit strange, new worlds, never to return to the world they left behind. That is my desire as welI. I choose to stay in His orbit, forever. I was launched into the gravity pull of His embrace those many years ago...And Everything Changed!

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