Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bumpy Re-entry

Real Astronauts as opposed to (Pastornauts), have described the Launch and Re-Entry of their spacecraft as being the two most bone jawing parts of the whole mission. True to form, my last night inside the Glory Seven was eventful as well. All week long I have experienced sunny, dry, beautiful weather, until around 8 o'clock last night. Heavy rain and wind blew through my flight path and shook my tiny craft, like I had entered some kind of cosmic storm. I lost power again, this time for the entire night. If there was a way for water to enter my seemingly airtight cabin, it found its way. My supply of trusty fix all Duct tape then ran out at the most inopportune time. I was able to protect my crucial electronic equipment (Ipad and Cell Phone), but not my blankets, sheets,or pillow, they got quite wet. On top of all that, the lightning and thunder was close to my location and threatening to strike at any moment.  Should I abort the mission, run into the warmth and safety of the church building until the storm passed. What is this lonely Pastornaut to do?
When the disciples of Jesus Christ pushed off from the shore, to head to the opposide side of the Sea of Galilee their mission was clear, to disembark on the other side. My mission is just as clear, finish the entire week, not just six days inside this capsule, but the WHOLE week. We know the Bible story, a great storm rocked their boat, the winds blew, the waves crashed, they got scared, BUT JESUS WAS IN THE BOAT.   So I stayed in the capsule, wet and cold, without power all night, believing Jesus was riding out the storm with me. And here it is the seventh day, the storm has passed, the sun is shining, I made it to the shore. Glory seven has Landed.

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