Thursday, September 17, 2015

Danger! Asteroids ahead

Well it was only a matter of time before I would encounter my first asteroid strike. When you travel in the hostile environment of deep space you are bound to run into a meteor or two. Last night around midnight my peaceful world inside of Glory Seven was shattered by a loud boom. A rock of unknown size and unknown origin hit the side of my craft. Danger!,Danger!, Will Galus (For you younger readers that is a homage to a 60's T.V. show, Lost in Space) 
How did this intrepid christian spaceman react? Did I react with cool, calm professionalism? Sadly no. My first response was a little fear, wondering if I was about to be bombarded with a shower of meteors.       The next emotion was even less heroic. I got angry. I thought to myself, "what rotten person would do such a meanspirited prank?", "Probably some disrespectful juvenile delinquent."  "Why would a person do something like that?", I thought to myself.  "I would never do something like that.", I proudly pondered.
Why do people do wrong things? Simple answer, because we are sinners. We are ALL sinners. In my moment of rightous indignation the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me of all the stones I had thrown, all the windows I had broken, all the senseless, selfish delinquent actions and headaches I had caused innocent people. 
Who threw that stone last night. Just someone like me.

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