Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Go where the harvest grows

On my drive to the office this morning a saw a familiar sight to those people who live in Pennsylvania, on the edge of the busy highway stood a groundhog. For you who do not know what a groundhog looks like, picture a fat beaver without its tail. Well there he was, just a foot or two from becoming road kill, cars racing past, while he just stood there, oblivious to the danger. I slowed down to take a closer look and saw why he was so focused and unafraid. He was eating, just contently munching away on the greenery that was growing on the road side. My first thought was, " Mr. Groundhog, you are one silly animal. Why would you pick such a dangerous place to look for food." The reason for that thought was this. The entire side of the road, not just the highway edge, was covered with vegetation. Why I mused, "Why doesn't he just he stay in the safe confines of the lush interior?" "There is a banquet of food away from the highway. Go eat in there!"
As I drove away I believe the answer to Mr. Groundhog's peculiar dining location came to me. All the good plants to eat in the middle of the field had probably been consumed. The remaining untouched edible plants were on the dangerous edges of the road. Simple, you go where the harvest is, dangerous or not.
Jesus gave His disciples, (that means us too) this command, "Pray to the Lord of the harvest for more laborers to go into the field." Matt. 9:38
Sometimes that means going into dangerous situations, neighborhoods, and countries. Some places in this world have many workers, maybe even too many harvesters. Yet, there still remains those places, countries, peoples, tongues and nations that need a fearless groundhog to go harvest the ripe fruit. "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few."

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