Monday, September 28, 2015

Narrow Flight Path

Whether it is a space capsule reentering the atmoshere or an aircraft coming in for a landing, both of these have a very narrow, prescribed flight path. Once you miss those approach windows, it is not safe to land. The pilots are then forced to wait for another opportunity to come around for another try.
In the Gospel of John, it is written, "We must work while it is day, for the night is coming when no one can work." Jn. 9:4
The message of that verse is clear. We only have a limited amount of time and opportunities to complete our work for the Lord.
During my trip here in the Arizona desert, I am experiencing that verse in John in a sort of backward way. In the early morning we have pleasant cool weather. By late morning the temperatures have already soared up to 105 degrees or more. (talk about baking hot)  It does not cool back down to tolerable conditions until well after sunset. Because of those limited perimeters, you have to plan your days accordingly. Interacting with people, friends, and family takes a well thought out strategy. 
Is it any different with our service for God? 
Time is short. Opportunities to connect with people, and share the love of Jesus Christ is not at our convenience. Like the weather here in Arizona, some times are more productive to be out working in God's harvest field than others.
The SUN in Arizona is the boss, and it sets the schedule for work. For the the christian, the SON guides our schedule. And the boss says, "Now!, is the time to work."

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