Monday, September 21, 2015

Persistence of Presence

After a storm there always comes the calm. I exited the Glory Seven capsule yesterday, and preached outside in perfect, pleasant, sunny weather. The sun's warmth was only surpassed by the warm greetings and shining faces of God's people at the outdoor service. It was nice to be released from the confines of my small, cone shaped prayer closet, but oddly the persistence of the capsule's seven day presence lived on. Several times throughout the day, especially when I would close my eyes, I could still feel the presence of the Glory Seven's angled walls. At times the burned in image of it's painted panels would still appear in my optic nerve. I should not be surprised. It only makes sense that a powerful, prolonged experience would not quickly fade. 
Moses had such an experience. Forty days alone with God up on a mountain top is bound to have a profound, prolonged effect. The Scriptures say, "his face shone brightly when he came down from the presence of the Lord." Even the Bible shows this effect, which I call the 'Persistence of Presence'. Sadly the Scriptures also say, "Moses face began to fade." 
The truth is this, for the presence to persist, we must persist to stay in the presence. I loved my seven day mission, alone in the mock spaceship, just me and God. I felt his Presence. I felt his love. I loved hearing His still, quiet, tender voice. I WAS IN HIS PRESENCE. 
But now I am back to the real world, and back in my normal routine. The paneled walls of Glory Seven are fading from my eyes. It's shining form is felt less by my senses today. Normal life is pushing my short lived dwelling place out of my memory. Soon it's presence will be gone.
Can that happen with us and God. Of course it can. Unless we daily seek to to persist in his Presence.

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