Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Small Moves

When you are confined in a small place like a simulated Mercury space capsule, small movements are the order of the day. Every move I make is slow, deliberate, and small. There are no sudden bursts of energy or wild random arm movements on this mission. I find myself consciously planning my steps, where before simple tasks were done without even thinking. In this confined space, to rush your actions is to just ask for a bruised head or your food spilled on the floor. Freeze dried food is bland enough without having to eat it off a dirty capsule floor. 
I believe our walk with Jesus would be more productive and meaningful if we moved slower and smaller. What do I mean by that. I Mean we are in such a rush to get where we are going, that we don't even think about why we are doing what we are doing. The steps along life's journey as a christian are just as important as the final destination. Slow down, think about what God is doing with you this moment, not just what He will be doing in your life a year from now. Let God speak and guide each day. Don't quickly, wildly run ahead of Him. Enjoy each day, each moment, each breath. You will avoid spilled beans that way.

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