Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sorry, I don't speak Klingon.

In the Television series Star Trek, its fictional universe is populated with dozens of alien races, each with their own distinct languages and cultures. One of the more developed storylines on the show involved a race of beings called the Klingons. Their language was a strange, harsh sounding speech. It was interesting to hear, but sorry, "I don't understand Klingon." Klingons and Earthmen like me just don't speak the same language.
When I woke up this morning I was surprised by another close encounter of the alien kind. Standing just outside of my capsule's porthole was a six point whitetail deer and his mate. I tried to imagine what they must be saying to one another about me and my spaceship, maybe it was something like this, "Hey look honey!, isn't that the strangest looking pine tree you have ever seen?" and her reply might have been, "Yes dear, but don't get too close. There is the ugliest looking animal in that tree."
I don't think it would had helped if I had yelled out, "Good Morning guys. Nice day isn't it. My name is Bill and this is my fundraising capsule, Glory Seven. Our church built it to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ."  Truth is, the deer don't understand English and I don't comprehend Deerese. 
Two days ago a group of inquisitive neighborhood teens came down to look at the strange object that had landed on the church grounds. They were surprised when they peeked in the window and saw me smiling back. I opened the hatch and began to explain why I was willing to spend seven day alone in such an odd contraption. You would have thought I was speaking Klingon to them. They just could not comprehend why Jesus was so important to me, nor did they understand why I felt it was so urgent for people, and teens in particular to know Him? Their faces had that same blank expression like the visiting deer who came to take a look at me this morning. Clueless and Disinterested are the two sad words that come to mind.
So we have our work cut for us. My job, your job, is to help the World learn a new language, the language of the Good News of God's love, shown to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.
The Apostle Paul said this, "How can they call on Him they have not heard about...and how can they hear unless someone teaches them." Ro. 10:14

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