Friday, September 18, 2015

Space Invaders!

That which all space explorers fear has finally come upon me. I have been invaded by ALIENS. In most Sci-Fi movies and books, intellent alien beings usually have an insect looking appearance. Well true to form my alien visitors also look like insects. "Hello Houston, this is Glory Seven, we have a problem up here. I have been invaded by ANTS!"
What started as a welcome visitor to this lonely spaceman by one solitary ant, as now turned into a full blown ant family reunion. That first ant went back to Ant Central and shared the news, "Hey guys that crazy man in the capsule is a messy eater, free food!" So all the Ants and Uncles and their relatives now live at my house.
God speaks in curious ways doesn't He. We are instructed in Proverbs 6:6 to, "Look to the ant...and become wise." This is the wisdom God spoke to me as my new roommates carted off my food.
Those other ants would not have come to the banquet unless the first ant had told them, "Hey guys!, follow me. I have something great to show you." Isn't that how the Gospel spread around the world, one person telling another of the Good News they had found, Jesus the Bread of Life. 
It remains the same today. We need to tell someone how to find the Bread.
And the wonderful truth above all, is this, The Ultimate Space Invader is Jesus Christ. He came into this world, into my space, your space, where He was not welcome, yet He showed us lost ants the way home.

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