Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Holy Spirit, our Universal translator

One of the more common high tech gadgets often found in Sci-Fi television programs, (think Star Trek), is a fictional device called, the Universal Translator. This machine enabled space explorers visiting strange new planets, to be able to understand and communicate with the native alien races.
 Wouldn't it be awesome if such a item existed. We could travel to any country, and casually, intelligently, carry on a conversation with anyone we met, no matter what the language. To bad it is just a science fiction fantasy. Or is it? Who needs a make believe invention, when there is a real Universal Translator in action, The Holy Spirit.
This morning, it was a blessing to go to church with my son, my daughter in law, and the grand kids. I always enjoy visiting other churches when on vacation, especially when I can show off the grand children. (proud Grandpa here), But there is something I never fail to notice when worshipping with other believers and fellowshipping in their churches. Yes, our church buildings are different. The Church decor is widely varied. Song selections and worship styles differ. The ethnic mix and financial demographics are not exactly the same, and preaching styles run the gambit, from Pentecostal shouting, to quiet intellectual persuasion. Yet, there is a common language of the Spirit being spoken. I don't mean because we all share the Bible as our common book. Nor do I mean because we are using the same 'christianese' words in our vocabulary (praise the Lord, hallelujah, glory to God, Amen).
What I am trying to explain is this unique phenomenon that brings us together as the family of God. Though we are from different states, countries, cultures, and born again experiences, the Holy Spirit seems to bind our hearts together. Without speaking each others languages we click, we bond, we understand each other. The Holy Spirit is there in every service, every land to be the Church's, Universal Translator. 1Cor. 12:13 " We are by one Spirit are made together into one Body"
Even in Arizona, this Pittsburgh kid felt at home.

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