Friday, September 18, 2015

Time to adjust orbit

Everyday this week it has been the same consistent pattern. My day starts out with pleasantly mild temperatures, which slowly climb to extremely hot temps inside my capsule. Then as the Sun goes down, it begins to slowly chill to the point of uncomfortable, shivering cold. It's as if my sturdy starship was on a crazy highly elliptic flight path. At one moment I am heading closer and closer in toward the Sun, only to slingshot around and head out into the cold dark of distance space again.
The famous Halley's comet follows that exact same course every 76 years. It races in past the Sun and then heads back out to far beyond Pluto, only to circle around and repeat the cycle time and time again.
Sounds alot like how many church goers behave in their walk with the Lord. They circle in close to the SON during Good Friday, Easter, Christmas or whenever the mood strikes, only to distance themselves from the things of God until they circle back around for the next flyby of the next seasonal Church event. It must get cold out there without the daily warmth of His Presence.
The best orbit for the Glory Seven capsule is the one that keeps me on the proper course to fulfill my mission. The best course for us as christians, is the one that keeps us closer to the SON every day, all year long. 
May our lives forever orbit close around the Son.

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  1. Hi Dad! I think this is your best blog entry yet! Love, April