Sunday, September 13, 2015

To Infinity and Beyond

What a wonderful, encouraging day. People were excited and made me feel so very loved, even though they make think me a little crazy. So many showed their love by asking if I needed anything and being so concerned that I stay safe and healthy on my mission. Isn't it wonderful to belong to the Family of God. I shared in my sermon and in prayer at the end of the service, my need, all our needs, to get a renewed boost from a time with God. May God grant our prayers for a personal revival this week with our Savior. This truly is not just a mock space capsule, but a prayer closet, a war room with the Father.  
On a fun note. Houston We Have a Problem! Just cooked my first space meal and lost power to my craft. Had to call NASA (aka Pastor Armando) to come reset the power in building. It could be worse. I could really be hurtling toward Earth from space, then who would I call.

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