Thursday, September 17, 2015

What do the stars look like?

It was during a Skype chapel service to our elementary school children that I was asked by a kindergarten student, "What do the stars look like?" I'm sure for many of the kindergaten children they thought I really was broadcasting from orbit. How refreshing to not have to answer another, "Where do you go to the bathroom Pastor Bill?" question. So without missing a beat I explained to the student the great sizes and distances of those small twinkling lights in the sky. If she believed I was soaring across the heavens in my little spaceship who was I to disappoint her.
What do the stars look like? For you older ones who are reading this blog I have a different answer. This afternoon our church intercessory prayer group came out to surround my capsule and me with their prayers. With uplifted voices they shouted, "the Heavens declare the Glory of our God." As I joined these faithful prayer warrior in their declarations, God revealed something to me. In the Book of Revelation, the messengers and leaders of the Church are referred to as stars. Rev. 1:16 
What do the stars look like you may ask. Next time you are in church, look around, they are sitting right next to you.

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