Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where's the Television?

Someone once said, "Kids say the darnest things." The First graders came out to the capsule to take a look from the hatch opening into the Glory Seven spacecraft. They asked the questions people, young and old have been asking me all week, "What do you eat, where do you sleep?" and of course the obvious one, "Where do you go to the bathroom?" I never tire of answering those inquiries and showing them my spartan facilities. It was one child's question that gave me a smile and a pause to think. She asked, "Where is the television Pastor Bill?" I chuckled and said, "I don't have a T.V. on this spacecraft. I don't have enough room. I can only bring the most important things."
To her young mind, and maybe many people, a television is an essential. It made me ask myself the question, "What are the things I consider essential in my life?"
If someone looked into the porthole of your life, what are the things they would see that you made room for? And maybe a bigger question is this, "What are the things you considered unimportant to leave behind?"  If a child could look into your soul, would she ask, "Where is God?"

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