Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beware of Whirlpools

I don't often tell people about my dreams, let alone write about them. But last night's dream was so different; I thought I would share it.
I was walking along, what looked like an ocean beach. There were quite a crowd of people there, and they all seemed to be enjoying the water and relaxing on the shore. Suddenly my eyes noticed a large churning whirlpool close to the shore. It was so close to the water's edge that you could walk out, in what seemed like shallow water to reach it. No one seemed surprised, and all behaved like it was a normal, common occurrence. Even thought there were no signs posted, everyone in the dream knew it was a dangerous area to be avoided. Yet people calmly continued to walk out into the water, and stood very close to the edge of the swirling circle.
In my mind I was thinking, "these people need to be careful, don't they realize how dangerous that thing is?" Everyone acted oblivious to the danger. All of a sudden, a young girl who was leaning down to take a closer look in the whirlpool, lost her balance and fell head first into the hole. Without even thinking, I was able to quickly catch her by the foot and began to pull her back. As hard as I tried, I did not have the strength to pull her free from the tug of the watery pit. I thought to myself, "if I don't get her head out of the water she is going to drown."
 If my dream was not strange enough, it soon got even stranger. Even though I was in this life and death tug of war, no one around me joined in to help. Matter of fact, those looking on at this drama didn't seem concerned at all. The dream was so real, that I could literally feel my muscles straining and growing weaker. I was losing the battle, and time was running out for this poor girl, so I cried out, "Somebody please help me!" Finally one person grasped hold of her leg and began to pull with me. Slowly, very slowly, we began to make some headway, but it was still taking too much time. Would we get her out in time?
Sorry folks, but this was when I woke up.
I have been thinking about this dream all day. Was it just a, 'Pizza Dream', the kind you get when you eat too much before bedtime? (but I hadn't eaten any pizza) Was it a dream that had a natural, subconscious source? The writer in the book of Ecclesiastes says, "Dreams come when there are many cares" (Ecc. 5:3) Sometimes the cares and worries of our life, end up in our dreams.
Or was it more?
As a Pastor, I can see many parallels between this dream and my work for the Kingdom of God, and the struggles I face, sometimes it seems so hard and lonely trying reach the lost before it is too late.
For my blog today, rather than telling you what it meant to me.  What do you think? What is God saying to you?

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