Monday, October 19, 2015

The Next Great wave

Was it a vision, or just spiritual mediation? Maybe it was my sermon preparation becoming imagery within my heart? I am not sure. But the things that went through my mind on friday, were powerful just the same. For those who were not in Church this past Sunday Morning, I would like to share what I said to the congregation of Walnut Grove Assembly of God.
As I was putting my final thoughts, for my sermon down on paper, these images developed clearly in my mind. 
I saw a river, with many people standing in its midst. They were energetically slapping and stirring the water with their hands. There were other people on the shore, intently watching, yet making no move to enter the river to join the others. I wondered in my mind, "Why were they not going out into the water?", even though they seemed very interesting in what was happening. 
Suddenly, a great wave of water rushed down the river, sweeping those who had been previously stirring the water along with it. Those who were being caught up in the great wave were not afraid, on the contrary, they were filled with joy. Again I looked at those on the shore, to see how this sight was affecting them. Many on the shore were now attempting to join those in the great wave of water, but they were unable to move out into the river.
I thought to myself, "Why can't they move?" My eyes were then directed to their legs. I now understood why they did not move. They all had chains binding them to the ground, making it impossible for them to reach the water.
This is when the images in my mind ended, and I and found myself focused again on finishing my sermon notes. 
What did it all mean? This is what came to my heart, as I pondered the question.
The People in the water, are those who are presently involved in service to the Lord. These are they, who are trying in their own strength and abilities, to make an impact in this world for Christ.
The Great Wave, is the next great Revival of God's Spirit throughout the Land. God's Anointing is going to sweep over those who are already serving Him, enabling them to make a far greater impact then they could in their own strength. When this next move of God hits, those faithful servants will be filled with excitement and joy. 
The others, who I saw standing on the riverside, I believe to be, those who desire to see the next great Revival. The type of revival they had only read and heard about in Church History. Yet, they are waiting to see the power and miracles first, before they are willing to make a decision to get actively involved in the work. 
But what are the chains? The chains are the same excuses, obstacles, and procrastination's that keep people from service now. Even when the next Great Move of God arrives, it will not be any easier to jump in the wave. Many will miss it. Just as they are missing what God is doing now.
(Matt. 7:24-27)  (Matt. 25:1-13)   (Lk. 16:24-31)

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