Saturday, October 10, 2015

Time for a Recharge

If you have any experience with electronic devices, you know they need periodic recharging. There are two ways, batteries in these devices lose their charge. The most common way a battery runs low is by use. The more you use your cellphone or tablet, the quicker it runs out of power and needs a boost.     Since I have begun to regularly blog, my tablet needs recharged almost every day. I don't mind though, it just reminds me that I'm being productive. 
The other way a device's battery loses power is by lack of use. I wonder how many people know this fact? If you let a cellphone or laptop sit unused for an extended period of time, the battery's power supply slowly dissipates. The same thing can happen to a flashlight sitting idle in our glovebox or kitchen drawer. When an emergency arises where you would need them, they have no battery power left to help. 
This brings me to the subject of church. I have always believed one of the main purposes for going to the House of God, was to get recharged. That is the comparsion I am attempting to make. The more you are actively engaged in daily serving God, the more you need those refreshing boosts of the Holy Spirit. Ministry is challenging, and wearying. As we pour out the Living Water into thirsty people's lives, we also need a continued re-filling from the Lord. I have found joining with my brothers and sisters in corporate Word and Worship, to be a perfect recharging station. (Heb. 10:25)
What a strange paradox concerning batteries and believers. 
The more you use and regularly recharge a battery, the battery actually holds a charge longer.
The less you use a battery, it will damage the battery over time. 
And I am no even counting all the work you are accomplishing by using a device, as opposed to it doing nothing and letting it just sit on a shelf.
The more a believer is active for God, and plugs into a church body, for those needed hours of fellowship, the more energy and joy is revived for the next task.
For the christians who remove themselves from a local church, they are removing themselves from an important place of usefulness, and a God ordained power station. If that is you, don't sit on the shelf any longer.
Come bring your giftedness, and add your light to the other flashlights. (Matt. 5:14,15)
So when the Lord calls on us to shine into darkness for someone, we will be charged.

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