Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Time to come running back

Are you mad at God? Was there something you wanted from the Lord, and He gave you a clear No. Maybe it was not a no, but The Lord told you, "Not yet, You need to wait."  Are you confused about how God is dealing with you, and His answers seem unclear? So, because you did not receive the answer you wanted, you are now upset with God.    Is that you?
God continues to amaze me on how He teaches us about Himself, by using the simplest things in this world. Many of you know that Mary and I own a small Cairn Terrier called, Toby. You also may know how much we love our little furry companion. Since our children are now grown, and have their own families, like all dog lovers, these friendly pets become like a second child to us. (Although Toby definitely takes a backseat to our amazing grandchildren)  Pets can teach you quite a lot about yourself, and about God as well. We love Toby, but he is not a perfect pet. He is not always obedient. He is stubborn, sometimes refusing to come when called. He jumps up on the furniture and onto people, even though he has been commanded multiple times to stay down. He has an annoying habit of taking his food in his mouth, carrying it into the Living room, and dropping it on the rug to eat. When our patience finally runs out, and we grow tire of his rebellious behavior, we are forced again to correct him.
He definitely does not like to be disciplined. He cowers when we raise our voice, and does not like the gentle smack with a newspaper. I'm sure no one likes to be corrected, not man nor beast. You can tell by our dog's lowered eyes, and humble demeanor, that he is sad. After being corrected, he usually goes off into a corner of the room somewhere to pout.
However, Toby, or any dog for that matter, can teach us a lesson or two about love and forgiveness.
Even after he has been disciplined, even after he has been harshly reprimanded, he instantly, and I mean instantly, is ready to come running back. All we need to do is look his direction, catch his eyes, and just calmly call his name and he comes running.   Instant forgiveness!
 All Toby wants, is to be loved, and to hear the tone in our voice change, "Come here Toby, it's OK, we still love you. Come here boy." Instant re-connection , instant forgiveness, no stubborn grudge to stop him. It is like I can hear his mind saying, "They are not mad anymore, yippee! They want me back. If they are not mad at me, I'm sure not going to stay mad at them."
Are you holding a grudge against God? Did he correct you? Did you not get what you wanted, and He said, No, or Wait? Are you stubbornly refusing to come back into intimate relationship with your God?  Your Master's Voice of love, forgiveness and restoration, is gently calling you back.
If a dog can so quickly forgive, and run back to the one who had just corrected him, why can't we?
Why wait stubbornly in the corner, cowering away from God's embrace. He is calling you back. You are forgiven!   I guess the bigger question is this. Have you forgiven Him?
Thanks Toby, for a needed life lesson. Maybe you can teach a dog, (me,us) new tricks.

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