Friday, October 9, 2015

Warning Signs

I'm sitting here in my office just typing away, preparing for my Sunday sermon, when I begin to notice some subtle changes in the room. The natural light in the room slowly, almost imperceptibly begins to dim. The temperature starts to drops a few degrees. The background noise from outside seems to drop off. The birds which were singing all morning have suddenly ceased. What is funny, my brain had already tuned them out, but now I suddenly noticed they had stopped. So, I pull back my curtains and take a peek out the window. Yep, it's what I suspected. A storm is coming. No need for a weather report. I have enough life experience to forecast what is coming, Rain. And in a few minutes there it comes, darkness, wind, noise, and a hard, heavy downpour.  Am I a prophet or what!
No, none of us need a prophetic gift to tell the signs of a storm. They are easy to see. We all have lived through them, watched them, and when we were little, taught by our elders what to expect.
Jesus told the unbelieving crowds that followed Him the same thing. They should be able to perceive the storms ahead. They had been taught from the Scriptures from childhood how to recognize God's visitation in Jesus Christ, lest they miss their Messiah. (Matt. 16:1-4)   But they refused to take a peek out the window. (Jn. 5:39)
Jesus also taught His Disciples the importance of recognizing the signs of the times, and to be prepared.
(Mk. 13:22-29)
When the signs of a rainstorm begin reveal themselves, we are thankful for the warning signs, and we quickly make preparation. (close windows, take in items from outdoors, protect our children)
Storms always announce themselves first. Thank God, for the natural warning signs of an impending storm.

Spiritual Storms always announce themselves as well, whether in our personal lives, or in God's dealing with the World at large. Each one of us needs to take a peek out into the World's Spiritual window, or better yet, inside our own heart's window. (Matt. 6:22-23)

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