Saturday, October 3, 2015

Where is the 'Pause' button?

Life can be filled with unwelcome distractions, like those annoying T.V. commerials that suddenly, abruptly, increase in volume. It is at times like that when I hunt for the mute button. I confess, I'm a hopeless channel surfer. In a day where the average person has hundreds of programs to choose from, my fingers are constantly switching from channel to channel. If I see something I don't like, I just quickly remove it from my view. I don't like to watch or listen to anything that makes me feel too sad or uncomfortable. 
Wouldn't it be great if we had a mute, pause, or change channel button for life. If such a button existed, we could simply avoid some of the pains and uncomfortable situations that suddenly pop up in life. I believe one of the saddest moments in life are connected to this phrase: "Good Bye". That word pops up in so many heart wrenching events in life.   Can I change channels please?
Today, I again said the word "goodbye" with a big lump in my throat. This was our last day visiting with our son, daughter, and grandchildren in Arizona.  With hugs and kisses, we said our goodbyes at the airport. I will not see them again until Christmas. Goodbyes can stink sometimes. Where is that pause button?
Life is filled with goodbyes. Goodbye to our childhood. Goodbye to our parents. Goodbye to college friends. Goodbye to our children. Goodbye to our health. And ultimately, Goodbye to our lives. As I said, "Goodbye is a depressing word."
Praise be to God, there is a day coming when the phrase , "goodbye", will no longer be needed. The Scripture in Rev. 22:4 says when we are in heaven, "He will wipe away all our tears.." To me, that means no more good byes. Every day with Jesus will be an eternal, "Hello" day. Hello to God, in person. Hello to eternal health. Hello to eternal youth. Hello to eternal relationships. No more good byes, only everlasting Hello.  Heaven is the ultimate Pause Button!  Can't wait!

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